Tuesday, February 1, 2011

tobyMac Welcomes Jamie Grace to Gotee Records

It's awesome to see new young artists coming to the music scene and using their talents for His glory (though you might have heard of this one already since she's been posting videos on Youtube for years!) Gotee Records and tobyMac recently announced the signing of their newest artist Jamie Grace. The creative, multi-talented 19-year-old is a singer, song-writer, speaker on The Revolve Tour for teens & actress on the show iShine KNECT for tweens on TBN. We love how her bright personality shines whether she's speaking or singing, and how she infuses a variety of styles in her music.

For more info on Jamie Grace you can visit jamie-grace.com or connect with her on Youtube or Twitter: @jamiegraceh

In the video below tobyMac Introduces Jamie-Grace, and you can also listen to the song "Hold Me" from her EP of the same name:

Below you can also listen to her latest song "Holding On" with a slower tempo and a relatable message of holding on to God when our faith wavers in hard times.

tobyMac on Jamie Grace and Her Style

“Every couple of years, I get a true desire to find an artist and dig in to try to help them develop songs, find the right producers and introduce them to the world at large,” explains multi-platinum selling recording artist TobyMac. “Jamie Grace is a great fit for Gotee Records for a lot of reasons. She writes, sings and plays her own music. She has a style that can’t be put into a typical label box—a dash of reggae, a dash of folk, a dash of hip hop. I’ve said it a million times, ‘If we’re every going to be a shining city on a hill, we have to be diverse city.’ Jamie Grace is part of that diverse city. She’s such a natural, beautiful next step for our industry.”