Monday, October 24, 2011

Jamie Grace sings "Not Alone" Unplugged (As heard on VH1's "Basketball Wives LA")

Jamie-Grace's inspiring song "You're Not Alone" was featured on VH1's "Basketball Wives LA" - what an amazing way to encourage families going through difficult times. Jamie-Grace says of the song:

"I wrote this song in just a few hours sitting at my piano needed to pour my heart. Having had friends who have survived cancer and other illnesses but also having had a good friend go to be with Jesus after a battle with cancer just this year I've seen firsthand the strength it takes to endure that type of pain. This particular song shares the story of a mother with a child who is sick but she is yet understanding that God's arms are right there and she's not alone."

"Thanks for VH1 sharing this song and thank you SO much to Carl King and Jake King. Two of my friends and also two talented people I know that pulled this off. PS thank you Grace Presbyterian for letting me use your lovely facilities and mom/manager Mona who drove me to film this haha.

This song is on my album, One Song At A Time, that you can you listen to here:"