Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Congrats Jamie Grace on Accepting Her First Dove Award!

Congrats to Jamie Grace on winning her first Dove Award for New Artist of the Year. I loved her heart-felt & funny acceptance speech and know this just the beginning of many more to come!

Jamie Grace on Winning a Dove

I recorded this off of my iPhone & that's me and my friend Carol at the end, hahaha. Ahhh I don't like crying in public and I'm so embarrassed that I forgot to actually hold the award but anyway... ;) Also, if I had been thinking straight and had all of the time in the world I would have also said... haha a shout out to my big sister Morgan and her husband Patrick, they're doing Missions in Macedonia and I wish they could've joined me there!! I wanted to thank SESAC too, so bummed I didn't, and just in general it truly was an honor to be in a category with all of those amazing new artists!! They're ALL in my iTunes so that was such a blessing. Also to receive that award from Jaci V - I used to do praise dances to her songs in church - and Michael Tait - I obviously LOVE DC Talk and he is so cool I was telling people he was my dad, bahaha. This was a night I will never forget and to see them flash the camera on Natalie and Mandisa and Mary Mary and see their smiles I mean they are all so amazing I can't believe I get to be considered an artist in the same award show as them sooooo THANKS JESUS!! You brought me through a lot I'm so glad I get to sing to you.

Check out Jamie Grace's Dove Awards' "Hold Me" performance:

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